4000K COB Flexible LED Light Bar Ra90 504LEDs 12V LED Light Rope

4000K COB Flexible LED Strip Light Ra90 504LEDs 12V LED Lighting Rope                                                                         &nb

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4000K COB Flexible LED Strip Light Ra90 504LEDs 12V LED Lighting Rope
 4000K COB Flexible LED Strip Light Ra90 504LEDs 12V LED Lighting Rope


4000K COB Flexible LED Strip Light Ra90 504LEDs 12V LED Lighting Rope
4000K COB Flexible LED Strip Light Ra90 504LEDs 12V LED Lighting Rope
Introduction about our 2216 strip series:

1) Mini Size LED component
2) High brightness:can reach 18-20lm/pcs; 100lm/W
3) High CRI, RA>90
4) Low cost
5) Good performance in color consistency, suitable for LED strips application.
6) Rich color choices and could keep the color consistency in different orders. 2200K to 6500K
7) SMD2216 LED chips could provide more flexible solution for application. According to its features, besides the common ones, we have developed the following SMD2216 LED strip series:
High density series Feature
High density line array, it has excellent performance in luminous uniformity. And it could achieve low height linear lighting.
For example, SMD2216-240 led strip matches with 1708 aluminum profile (with the PMMA cover), we could not see any light spots.
Designed for 300 leds/m, 10mm per cuttable, cutting is more flexible. Good heat dissipation.
Mini PCB series Feature
We develop SMD2216 led strips, 120 leds/m, 4mm PCB, which is suitable for narrow space application.
Compared with traditional SMD3014 / SMD3528 mini PCB led strips. SMD2216 series are higher brightness.

CCT Adjusted series Feature
We have followed the example of single CCT led chips in designing CCT SMD2216 strips. Compared with the traditional CCT led strips, the mixture of lighting effect of new design is better.
Compared with SMD5050 single chip technology, the SMD2216 CCT series has higher brightness and lower cost.
Good heat dissipation. We offer 3 choices:
1. Designed for 120 leds/m, which is classic style in the marker.
2. Designed for 180 leds/m, brightness (900lm/m), heat dissipation (12w/m) and good price, we can keep a reasonable balance between the four points.
3. Designed for 240 leds/m, 22w/m, 1700lm/m, it can achieve excellent mixture of lighting effect and meet customers' demands of high brightness.

About our production of LED strips:
We have been devoted in manufacturing LED strips since 2009, and we pack the LEDs and do the SMT ourselves to save the cost and guarantee our qualities and save lead time. Our advantages are as following:
1) Wide selection of color:  from static white, R,G,B, tunable white, RGB+W  to RGB+TW, or any special color on customer's request.
2) We pack LEDs with pure gold wires and use 2 ounce PCB to ensure good quality and performance of our products.
3) No  MOQ requirements on strips. 
4) Our production capacity is 10,000m/ day,  urgent orders of IP20 tapes commonly could be finished within 2-4 days. 
5) We have our own Bin Code system, each color has it's special Bin Code to allow us guarantee the the color consistence in different orders.

Products features and our services:

1. Low power consumption, energy efficient and environment-friendly;
2. Easy and low cost maintenance;
Wide range of color and application;
4. Flexible, waterproof and stylish design;
5. Max.20meters per reel;
Cutting according your actual demand and reduce waste;
7.OEM/ODM available: we could print your logo on PCB, make strips per your special requirements on color, lightness,  length, packing and service lift, etc.
8. L
ong life span with 3 years warranty.

Color Temperature for White:
4000K COB Flexible LED Strip Light Ra90 504LEDs 12V LED Lighting Rope

Waterproof Grade: 
4000K COB Flexible LED Strip Light Ra90 504LEDs 12V LED Lighting Rope

More Strips Information:
1)  LED Type: Two color SMD3528, SMD5630(Samsung/Osram), SMD2835, SMD5050,  SMD3528, SMD 3014, SMD2216 and SMD335, SMD3020
2) CCT Ajdusted LED strip  & BI-COLOR LED strip;
3) RGBW LED strip;  ( four color)
4) RGBW+WW LED strip; ( five color)
5) Brand LED strip, such as Samsung. Nichia, Cree ect.
6) Bendable LED strip, Great wall LED strip.
7)  IC Digital LED flexible strip;
8) Thin- PCB LED flexible strip, 4mm PCB, for example;
9)  1-row, 2-row, 3-row and 4-row LED flexible strip;
10)  Topview , Side view LED flexible strip;
11) CRI(Ra): CRI≥95(90, 80) is available;
12) IP Rate: Non-waterproof version, IP65 version (slicone glued), IP66 version ( with silicone tube), IP68 version(silicone tube+ silicone Glue)
13) The highest strip is 3300LM/m,  highest efficiency 150lm/W
14) DC24V Constant Current LED flexible strip  and DC 24V Constant Voltage LED flexible strip;
15)3M 300LSE High Quality Adhesive tape;
16) over 100 modes aluminum profiles available for choice

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