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2022-03-26 03:14:38 By : Ms. Linda Zh

SmallRig, well-known for affordable camera cages and hardware, is branching out into lighting with two new fixtures. The RC 120D is a daylight fixture that retails for $219 USD, and the RC 120B is bi-color and costs $259 USD.

The lights are pretty compact and have a familiar form to them. With a power draw of 150 watts, the fixture is powerful enough to be used as a key light for narrative productions or interviews with a Bowens Mount softbox modifier. Using the included 55-degree hyper-reflector creates a beam with an intense center and smooth falloff to the edge of the beam.

The output is adjusted steplessly, so you can get exactly the right brightness level to what you want. The yoke is all plastic with a 270-degree tilt adjustment and includes a built-in umbrella holder.

The fixtures have an app-based controller available for Android and Apple devices.

To access the nine lighting effects you can use the button on the light or the SmallGoGo app.

Featuring nine-effects modes for creative lighting effects, the fixture can be used for a variety of dramatic effects. For adding softboxes and other light-diffusing/shaping tools, the fixture is compatible with Bowens light-control accessories. An integrated display screen allows you to see the lights settings at a glance, while for adjustments you can control the light locally or via the SmallGoGo app, which provides wireless control over your fixture from up to 330′ away.

Power the fixture using the included AC/DC power supply or a user-supplied 14.4V/26V battery using an optional D-Tap to XLR power cord. To keep it cool it has an integrated cooling fan that turns on automatically to prevent the light from overheating. The noise level of the fan is 27db.

The SmallRig RC 120D daylight fixture retails for $219.00 and the RC 120B bi-color retails for $259.00. Both are in stock and available today.

Both these options will face very stiff competition from a variety of well-established light brands that have similar options already available.

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